747 - 46 LB. Coated

Laube Imaging Products (747)

is a matte 46 lb 8 mil coated paper featuring a smooth bright white surface. This instant dry 46lb. plotter is also very popular in beverage signage pop/pos marketing. Short term signage paper is a money-saving choice for day-to-day color printing. It has been tested for consistency and performance on a wide range of aqueous wide-format ink printers.

  • Coated, 46 lb., white bond signage paper
  • 3- inch core
  • 180 gsm
  • Instant Dry
  • Excellent Ink Adhesion, Print Quality, and color accuracy
  • The most economical choice for inkjet prints that require color accuracy
  • Standard onboard “ Coated Paper” settings on HP, Canon and Epson printers
  • Compatible with multiple makes of wide-format inkjet printers for technical printing

Ink compatibility,