Canon Pro-4100s 44” Printer 8 - Color Wide Format Printer

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Canon Pro-4100s 44” Printer 8 - Color Wide Format Printer 

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  “First of it’s kind”

Users for the Pro-4100s printer will benefit from the “First of it’s kind” intelligent automatic media feeding technology Canon has built into the Pro-4100s printer. Innovation included in the new


  • Intelligent media handling
  • Enhanced security features
  • Borderless printing on all media widths
  • Operational design improvements

 Creative & Workflow software

  • Users of the new Pro-4100s 8-color printer will be able to take advantage of the unique advantages

           this printer brings to the aqueous inkjet market. The Canon Professional printer Pro-4100s is aimed at

           print service providers, print-for-pay, signage, corporate centralized reproduction departments,

           and other higher volume users, will benefit from the increased speed compared to previous models.

 Print Borderless 

  • Print borderless on all standard and custom widths, a feature other competitor’s printer’s lack.


  • Built with an intuitive 4.3 electrostatic touch screen operation panel, the same technology used in smart phones and provides better operability and visibility.

 Intelligent Media Loading

  •  A time saving intelligent media loading system allows the operator to move away after placing the roll in the printer without feeding the roll paper or selecting the media type. The media is automatically fed and transported over the platen, the multi-sensor built into the printer measures the surface reflectance and the media thickness to identify the media type. These two measurements are used together with the database of pre-registered media in the printer and the loaded roll media type is determined by a learning function that uses the printer usage history data. The accuracy of the media type detection is enhanced by repeated use of the printer.


  • The built-in Multi Sensor enables easy and economical color calibration for consistent color reproduction from print to print as well as from printer to printer.            

 Advanced Security Features

  • Secure PIN printing to protect data and increased administrative control of end-user printing.

Free available software packages include:

  • Professional Print & Layout
  • Direct Print & Share
  • Accounting Manager (PC only)
  • PosterArtist Lite (PC only)
  • Printer Plug-in for Microsoft Office
  • Media Configuration Tool


  • 1153C009AA Roll Holder Set RH2-46
  • 1156C002AA Maintenance Tank MC-30
  • 1155C001AA Cutter Blade CT-07

 Cutter Options

  •  4511C002AA CE6000+120” 48In. Contour Cutter and Software (With Stand)
  • 4511C003AA Cutter Blade for CE6000
  • 4511C004AA Teflon Mate for CE6000+60

 Software Options

 7025A039BC   PosterArtist

 Pro-4100's Installation Option

  •  3063V601      Pro Series Printer Installation
  • 1708B263AA   Charge for extra person on install if end-user can’t assist lifting printer
  • eCarePAK (Extended Warranty)
  • 1708B998AA   Pro-4100s 1 Year eCarePAK
  • 1708B999AA Pro4100s 2 Year eCarePAK

 Inks and Printhead

160 ml Inks

  • 0849C001AA   PFI-1000 MBK Matte Black
  • 0850C001AA   PFI-1000 PBK Photo black
  • 0851C001AA   PFI-1000 C        Cyan
  • 0852C001AA   PFI-1000 M       Magenta
  • 0853C001AA   PFI-1000 Y        Yellow
  • 0854C001AA   PFI-1000 PC      Photo Cyan
  • 0855C001AA   PFI-1000 PM     Photo Magenta
  • 0856C001AA   PFI-1000 GY     Gray

 330 ML Inks

  •  0810C001AA   PFI-1300 MBK   Matte Black
  • 0811C001AA   PFI-1300 PBK     Photo Black
  • 0812C001AA   PFI-1300 C         Cyan
  • 0813C001AA   PFI-1300 M         Magenta
  • 0814C001AA   PFI-1300 Y         Yellow
  • 0815C001AA   PFI-1300 PC        Photo Cyan
  • 0816C001AA   PFI-1300 PM       Photo Magenta
  • 0817C001AA   PFI-1300 GY       Gray

700 ML Inks

  •  0774C001AA   PFI-1700 MBK   Matte Black
  • 0775C001AA   PFI-1700 PBK     Photo Black
  • 0776C001AA   PFI-1700 C         Cyan
  • 0777C001AA   PFI-1700 M         Magenta
  • 0778C001AA   PFI-1700 Y         Yellow
  • 0779C001AA   PFI-1700 PC       Photo Cyan
  • 0780C001AA   PFI-1700 PM      Photo Magenta
  • 0781C001AA   PFI-1700 GY       Gray

Printhead PF-10

  • 0861C003AA   Printhead PF-10





What's in the Box --- imagePROGRAF PRO-4100S Stand, Tools and Screws, US AC Power Cable, Print Head PF-10, 160ml Starter Ink Tanks (MBK/BK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/CO), 2" Roll Holder with 3" Core Adapters, Quick Set-up Guide, Safety and Environmental Sheet, Printer Stand Setup Guide, Print Head Alignment Sheet, User Manual, USB Connection Sheet, Software Discs (Windows Drivers, PosterArtist Lite - 32/64 bit), Sample media (12 sheets of Heavy Weight Coated HG paper A4 size), Call Center Notice Card (USA), User Registration Card, Printer and Print Head Warranty Cards (USA and Canada), Canon USA Media Compatibility Sheet,