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Installations-Training-Color Management

Laube Imaging Products Advantages and Qualifications

 Pre-sale and post- sale technical support and Certifications Provided

  1. G7* Master Printer Qualifications*-Efi,GMG,Onyx,Caldera
  2. Densitometry Training
  3. Installation option
  4. Training option
  5. Color management, Color Theory and Color Basic Training
  6. Process Controls
  7. Press and Proof Calibrations
  8. Inkjet and Wide Format Media Profiling and Custom Profiles

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  *G7® Masters are proven quality leaders in print, premedia, and creative services 

  *Master printers are highly skilled printers who work very closely with artists to produce editions of the artists' work. The title “master     printer” is usually attained over a long period of time and involves a disciplined development of specific skill sets.