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Print Head Choice - Epson Piezo or Canon Thermal

Canon 0% Financing WOW!

Your first consideration on selecting a new inkjet printer needs to be a good understanding of what you will be printing. There are two types of inkjet print heads you will encounter. The Epson Piezo print and the Canon/Hp thermal print head. Each type of print head will perform differently with their own pro and cons. Here are some basic differences.

 Epson Piezo –   Best For Photo, Fine Art and Proofing

Whenever a dot is required a electric current is applied to the Piezo crystals which then forces a drop of ink out of the nozzle. Since the Epson print head can be controlled more precisely, it produces a sharper, grain – free print.

 Canon Thermal – Best for Graphic Arts & Signage

Basicaly intense heat vaporizes the ink to create a bubble that expodes onto the print, producing two types of larger droplets.

  Graphic and Sign Printing - Canon Leads the Way    

 If you are interested in printing POS/POP media then the Canon line of ImagePrograf is your best bet. When compared with the HP-Z the advantages are numerous. Canon compared to the HP-Z series.

  •  Uses 30% Less Ink Than HP
  • Faster RIPing than HP
  • Faster "Click to Cut"
  • Larger Hard Drive 2400 x 1200
  • PDF printing
  • Comes with sub ink tanks

 Choose Canon for Signage and Graphics

                                    Choose Epson for Photo, Fine Art and Proofing